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 Mountain Safari Tours DMC is a destination Management Company that thinks and acts differently. We provide a unique personal and group experience with high-quality across a range of travel styles. We can put together the right and amazing trip for your category that your clients will love.

Trekking & Walks

Morocco has some of the best treks and walks in the world, trekking and hiking ranging from famous mountain hiking and hiking trails...

Jewish Heritage

The kingdom of Morocco is a fascinating country. Besides the high variation of its history, landscapes, and its picturesque markets (souks)......

Luxury Tours

Luxury Tours will brings unique experiences under one roof for those who are sure about their next destination and luxury accommodations!

Food Tours

The local gastro is well-known around the world for its rich flavors with spices and herbs as well as slow-cooked meats and delicious couscous.


Wellness is part of our daily life, but let’s take a step further and enjoy a new cultural experiences like Hammam and Yoga courses

Special interest

This is all about what special interest holidays entail and how you can choose between small group and tailor-made options to ensure you get the