Trekking & Walking

Trekking & Walking

Morocco offers a plethora of trekking and hiking options, some of which are considered among the best in the world. From the famous mountain hiking trails of the Atlas, including the Jebel Toubkal massif, to the more secluded gems such as the Jebel Sarho, Jebel Siroua, and Rif mountains, there is something for every level of adventurer. Trekking is a beloved pastime in Morocco, and visitors have the option to spend the night in traditional rural Berber homes, kasbahs, or even camp under the stars.

The M'goun Massif

The M'goun Massif, while not as well-known as the Toubkal region, is a hidden gem in Morocco. The massif is centered around the Jebel M'goun, which stands at an impressive 4,071 meters.


Jebel Siroua

Located south of the main mountain range, the Jebel Siroua is a unique volcanic massif with its peak standing at an impressive 3,304 meters.

Sahara Trek

Explore the boundless beauty of the Sahara Desert with our meticulously crafted treks, offering an immersive experience into the heart of this mesmerizing landscape. Mountainsafari Tours DMC presents a series of unforgettable desert adventures, designed for both seasoned trekkers and those seeking their first Sahara encounter.

The Jebel Toubkal

The Jebel Toubkal region is characterized by a striking and rugged mountainous terrain that surrounds the highest peak in Morocco, standing tall at 4,165 meters above sea level.


The Rif Mountains

The Rif Mountains, situated in the north of Morocco, are lower in altitude, with the highest peak standing at 2,448 meters, and are known for their lush greenery, interesting rock formations, and beautiful forests of cedar, pine, and oak.